Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Let's see...if J had a New Years resolution it would be "Eat more chocolate."  

My little perfectionist, E, would set herself up for a little failure attempting to "Read 40 books in one hour. Teach Snow to do a backflip. And teach J to write her name and do complicated subtraction on her new white board." Snow is our guinea pig and she's not great at tricks. Although teaching her to do a backflip might be easier than teaching J to do any sort of math. 

Even if I could assist E with a plan for 2011, more fruits and vegetables. She would literally force herself to eat nothing but cucumbers and tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner until she fell into a state of physical weakness and suffer severe disappointment in a failed execution. So regardless of the AAP's recommendation about having children set appropriate resolutions, I think I'll avoid it completely. But the AAP as usual has some excellent suggestions if you are so inclined.

My husband and I, on the other hand, have big plans! He's going with your typical "increase physical activity" as well as a surprising "learn guitar", all while working 70+ hours a week. I love him and I wish him lots of luck!

Me...I'm blogging! I'm not able to work outside the home with my little J still needing lots of attention, but I'm ready for some kind of brain stimulation and accountability. Blogging is going to allow me to reach out to other parents of children with special needs or rare medical conditions. It's also going to help me keep track of J's progress before entering Kindergarden in a couple years. Learn photography. Oh...and write. I do love to write! What other task could accomplish all those things? Thirty minutes of blogging per day.


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