Saturday, January 29, 2011

A history lesson...

from CNN. I love CNN and could watch it 24/7. I love news, weather and politics. Throw a little Anderson Cooper in there, and I could just sit in my lazy boy all afternoon.

This week we have a real lesson playing in real time and with real lives. Egypt is in turmoil. Citizens are protesting the activities of the current government under President Mubarak. They want change and more importantly, a voice. So I let E watch some of the protesting with me. Nothing too violent as the majority of the images shown were of protesters marching and yelling. She was shocked that this was actually happening. And even more shocked when I informed her that our country wasn't always "free" and many people had to fight for the right to certain freedoms like speech. I told her that in many countries people are regularly arrested for speaking out against the government or military. I asked her if she could imagine what that would be like to live in a place where you couldn't say what was on your mind without the fear of persecution.

Then we stumbled on an American Girl movie "Felicity" which takes place during the beginning years of our country prior to the American Revolution. A character in the movie longs to be a soldier and "fight against the King". He longs for freedom just like the protesters in Egypt. What a great lesson! I love it when a plan comes together. 

I think it's important to show E that basically....she has it good! That is simplifying it, but I want her to know there are people in the world who are suffering and need help. I want her understand her freedoms and luxuries. Maybe someday she'll understand this further and be driven to help others less fortunate. 

It's important to know when you have it good...especially when you're seven!

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  1. I love how you drew a parallel using something she could relate too. Awesome!