Friday, January 21, 2011

An Underground Mom

My daughter gets herself to the bus stop and back. She's seven.

I let my baby ride the bus to her preschool. I just fasten her seatbelt, wave goodbye and she magically returns home around noon every single day. She is three...almost four.

I gave a flower bed to my daughter to use for her garden. It was a serious mess of strawberries, herbs, annuals and weeds with a unique lattice display right smack dab in the middle. It looked like crap for about six months of the year, but E thought it was beautiful.

I let my kids listen to my music and they know all the words. We like to have Glee dancing parties in the living room.

My kids use knives, scissors and hold sparklers on the Fourth of July.

They are allowed to play in the rain without an umbrella or a rain slicker.

And can you tell from this picture, I let them dress themselves?

Slumber parties are fun!

I tell my children, men can marry men and women can marry women. 

We eat meat and love animals. Maybe it doesn't make sense, but it works for us.

I feed my kids white bread when they ask for it.

My youngest is having a dinosaur-themed birthday party. She's a girl. It makes people laugh, but she just loves dinosaurs...and trucks, Barbies and baby dolls.

She's allowed to take her dinosaurs into fancy restaurants.

My kids watch Spongebob. They also love to read!

No video games in our house! Not because I'm against it. It just happens that my kids would rather be doing something different.

Sometimes my kids take the lead because I think it encourages them to think. Thinking is good.

My three year old (four next week) is not potty trained. She isn't interested. Raising a child with special needs makes you realize that trying to meet all the developmental milestones can be stifling and unrealistic. Diapers are much more convenient for me so I'm in no rush.

My word is not always the last word. I've raised my children to be good negotiators. This skill will come in handy someday.

And who doesn't love to climb trees!


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