Monday, January 24, 2011

Eye lift anyone???

I'm not really signing up to go under the knife, but as my eye lids get sleepier and sleepier needing to go to rest so close to my eyelashes, I wonder.  I don't think I could ever have plastic surgery. Just the expense is enough of a deterrent, not to mention the pain and risk involved. But seriously...I'd love to tack those things back up in their rightful place. Maybe then you could see my eye shadow. 

I could just walk around with a surprised look on my face. That is what I have to do every morning to apply my eye makeup. 

Are there exercises? So I googled it and what do you know, there are! 

Hello, You Tube!!!

And because I'm just sitting here drinking my are in school, I think I'll make this my own personal challenge. I'm going to take a before picture and compare it to an after picture somewhere down the line. Here is the before...

And I'm off to "exercise" my eye lids.


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