Monday, January 17, 2011


Driving on I-5 today with E, I had my Ipod set to "shuffle songs". Always a gamble  when I have so many of my kid's music downloaded. You never know what you'll be singing to and wouldn't you know we stumbled upon a song E and I used to sing when she was just a tiny toddling thing. It opened the flood gates and pretty soon we were both taking turns making requests from the "good ole' days". Some of our favorite artists were Charlotte Diamond, Rachel from Signing Times, and Jack Johnson. Well, I still like Jack!

These were songs and artists I hadn't thought about in literally two years or more! We sang to Diamonds appropriately titled, "Why did I have to have a sister?" We remembered all the words and even some signs to E's favorite Signing Times tune, "Silly Pizza Song". Fantastic music for little ones and easily tolerable for parents. Which made me ponder why in the world I now allow my three year old to sing the lyrics to "Bad Romance". Why did I give up on these simple, yet appropriate lyrics and melodies? Did it just get to be too much? 

I am going to blame it on Kidz Bop. As soon as I heard the 1980's hit, "I want Candy" recorded by a bunch of five year olds, I guess I thought it was now okay to listen to the original tunes. Because we all know that song wasn't written about M&M's and licorice. Then it snowballed. Now I have a huge Glee fan. Even though E has never actually seen an episode of the TV hit, she is obsessed with the music. 

It has made life easier. We don't fight over music in the car because we basically all listen to the same songs. On the other hand, it has the potential for serious embarrassment when your three year old is walking through Old Navy singing along with their overhead music. 

"Walk Walk Fashion Baby
Work it move that thing, crazy."


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