Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pop the Pig

This is such a fun game. It was a gift from Aunt Julie.

We like it because it's silly! But it also helps J with color sorting and beginning to recognize written numbers. Aren't games one of the best learning tools?!?!

This is the game and J can't play until she sorts colors. It's what she does best.

E was home sick and played with us. She helps J with the counting.

Each hamburger is color coded and has a number on the back. One roll of the dice and you choose a hamburger, put the little hamburger into the pig's mouth and push the pig's head the number of times written on the back of each hamburger. 

The pig fills with air every time his hat is pushed until...POP!  The pig gets so fat he explodes. What kid doesn't just love an exploding pig??? 


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