Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fundraising Tip

Medical bills pile up so quickly, don't they?!?! Parenting a child with severe disabilities or a life threatening disease is expensive. I wouldn't consider J's syndrome severe or life threatening...we feel very fortunate. Even with her mild to moderate medical issues, I cringe when the bills start rolling in. When a parent has to pay for feeding tubes and wheelchairs, cardiac surgeries and multi-week hospitalizations, there never seems to be a bank account large enough to cover it all. When a parent is caring for a medically fragile child, the last things they want to worry about are collection agencies and foreclosures. 

That's when friends, family, church groups and schools need to step in to assist with fundraising efforts. Mason, E's classmate, has cancer. We are helping their family raise money by selling "I heart Mason" bracelets. They arrived today.

Reminder Bands

Local businesses will be selling them and I can proudly report that we've already run out of 500 of the child sized bands! We buy them for 17 cents and turn around and sell them for $3.00. Awesome for Mason's fam!

These wrist bands are a fun way to earn money for a medical cause. 

And I'd love to report they are so comfortable and easy to wear!  I'm pretty sensitive to comfort issues so I had to mention that.  :) 


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