Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Late Night Activities

My seven year old goes to bed around 8:15pm. That's the time she gets into bed and we bid her a good night. After the light goes out is when her evening really begins. She has a book light and flashlight given to her to allow her to continue to "wind down". The rules are she must stay in bed and keep the light off, but she is free to read, write and play until she turns her small lights off and gives in to sleep. 

She is unique! I truly believe that E's brain needs to unleash math equations, spelling words, and creative stories until it quiets for the night. One last hurrah before sleep.

My favorite thing about this situation is going into E's room after she has walked out the door to school. I love to see what that little mind was busy with the night before.  Here are three things from last night.

A letter to the tooth fairy...

I found this to be interesting. I'm guessing the number of minutes she thought she'd read, or maybe she was counting Barbies. Who knows!

Then my favorite...

Although, I thinking she broke the rules and got out of bed to write this one.

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  1. Hi Kate. Jumped over from Redhead Riter's blogfrog community.

    I have an 8 yr old daughter who's very similar. If I let her read in bed as long as she wants, she would be awake past my bedtime, but she has a hard time sleeping if she doesn't read at all.