Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh, how I missed you...

Oregon is a nice enough place. It's mountainous in central regions, coastal in others. It's green! (Visitors to our lovely state always mention that...."it's green". Yes, lots of trees.) But the one reason I love this state is because every year I get to experience an Oregon January. During this month, just as we all lose faith in the cycle of our seasons feeling as if Winter will never end, the sun arrives for just a few days in January and brings us some beautiful 60 degree weather. Sixty degree weather!! While much of the rest of the country, particularly the East Coast right now, is covered in snow. 

Light sweater weather in January. It's fabulous. This weather always reminds me of how much I've missed my dear friend, the sun. I'm tired of getting my Vitamin D from a bottle and I just want to sit outside and enjoy it. These blue skies are enough to bring anyone out of their seasonal depression. And remind us all that Winter will cease, flowers will bloom and in just a few months, we'll all be swimming at the local pool and eating fresh produce from the garden. Ahhh...just the thought of it makes me smile. Maybe I should move to Arizona.

So why am I typing on my computer when I'd love to be outside sipping an iced tea and watching the kids play? Yes, it's not working out so well for me at the moment. J didn't get a nap and so we are taking a break from bike riding and hiking while we regroup and she gets a second wind. Hopefully, before sunset! So my Vitamin D will have to come in tablet form for today. But it was wonderful being outside in the fresh air. 

Even sitting at my computer, I have the back door open to keep from feeling stiffled in here. And just the sound of the neighbors basketball hitting the pavement is a wonderful reminder of what is to come. Sun! 

My hydrangea plant is sprouting.

And my blueberry bush.


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