Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Helping Game

J doesn't share any of her things. She's at that age! She loves to say that E is not her friend and not even her sister if you are keeping track. 

Here is a game for improving coordination and balance as well as teaching about helping others.

Beanbag Balance Game

Each child has a beanbag and for 30 seconds runs around as fast as they can with the beanbag balancing on a hand. Playing fast music for that 30 seconds is a fun way to keep the kids moving. If they drop the beanbag, they have to freeze until another child comes to their rescue and replaces the beanbag for him/her. That player must try to "help" the other child all while continuing to balance their beanbag. 

The game gets progressively more difficult as the beanbag is then placed on an arm, 


and then E's favorite, on the top of her head.

E's class "performed" this game in front of the entire school during Monday Morning Gathering. As predicted, E spent days practicing and during the performance only dropped her beanbag once. 


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