Sunday, January 16, 2011

I made pancakes this morning...half whole wheat flour and half white flour. Hoping no one would notice, I thought I'd try to slip in some of that healthy flour by making them in the shape of Mickey Mouse. It's an easy shape to make and actually the only shape I can make without the help of a pancake mold. 

So maybe my family would be so enamoured of my Mickey pancakes they wouldn't notice they were semi-healthy. And let me just mention, we used to be a 100% whole wheat family. Our bread, pancakes, tortillas and hamburger buns were all healthy all the time! I got tired of everyone complaining. And not only that, but E eats more fruits and vegetables than anyone I know so I'm not worried about her and a little white flour. And J ....she just needs to eat! Her doctor told me don't pay attention to cholesterol, fat or anything else...get her to eat new foods and lots of them. So that's how we got to this place. And now I'm hiding wheat flour in pancakes. Doesn't seem quite right. 

So I handed a pancake to J and she ate the whole thing. She loved my Mickey Mouse creation. Then my husband grabbed a couple, took a bite and said, "Are these healthy?" 


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