Friday, December 31, 2010


I'm supposed to get Iron into J. She's deficient and drops are not an option for a few reasons. Main reason being that forcing her to eat or take medicine drives her into a state of what is called selective mutism. Fancy for ....she stops talking for an extended period of time. It's scary and we don't like it. So we need to find iron rich foods and find a way for her to eat them. We were told to push lots of red meat and spinach! Ya, right! And have you tasted vitamins with iron? J has and they are "yukky". I have a cupboard full of vitamins we'll never use to prove how yukky they taste.

So I bought these...

Not your typical health food, but look at this.

Yep, Iron!!!  And what kid wouldn't love the look of these little swirly balls of sweetness???

This kid!

On to Plan B.  More on that later.



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