Friday, February 18, 2011

Yes, girls wrestle!

As a family, we have fond memories of the many hours we have spent in hospitals. Mainly, having survived the surgeries and scans, doctors appointments and the waiting game, has made us all very tough cookies! The memories are bitter sweet. Not every moment was spent wringing hands and wiping tears. At times we laughed and joked. But there is one memory I have of our discharge from Shriner's Hospital. J had a surgery to correct a sprengel's deformity. This was major surgery resulting with incisions that ran along her clavicle on her front side and another running the entire length of her spine. That is major surgery!

We spent a few days in the hospital and had an uncomplicated recovery, thankfully. The surgeon who is a pediatric spinal specialist discussed a few things with us before he turned the general discharge instructions over to the nurse. The nurse needed to provide us with J's physical limitations during her recovery. Essentially, J was encouraged to use her arm when she felt she was ready and as she read over the other instructions she said, "Oh, and if she has any siblings no wrestling." She paused and continued, "But you have two girls so you don't need to worry about them wrestling." My husband and I looked at each other like...what?!?!  Ummm...I don't know about other girls, but our girls wrestle, tackle and rough house on a daily basis.

Now whenever my girls decide to wrestle, I have to chuckle. Ahhh..memories!

Someone is going to get hurt!

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  1. And our boys play with dolls, have tea parties, and love nature fairies! Go girls and boys! :)