Saturday, February 19, 2011


I hate to admit, but I was wrong. Was...past tense. I'm sure it will never happen again. And this is even more difficult to report. Today, my husband was right! It happens.

I signed J up for a soccer class a couple weeks ago. She is 4 and I thought I had registered her for a class with 3 and 4 year olds. Knowing she is delayed, I thought this would be adequate for her abilities. It turns out she was mistakenly put into a class designed for two year olds. Much to the chagrin of the other parents. Here is our little four year old running faster, communicating and expressing herself, and following directions. While the other kids are just learning to follow instructions and require parents to direct them at almost every transition. She is a superstar in this class.

Today I attended her class for the first time and immediately noticed that her talents were a little above the other children. As any parent, I want to challenge my children.

"Let's get her in the next level," I said.

Push, push, push! 

And my husband responded, "She doesn't need to be challenged, she needs a confidence builder. Leave her alone."


I loved watching her! The coaches are well aware of her abilities and when we were all under the parachute, talking about colors, the coaches repeatedly turned to J to answer their questions. They knew the other children were just learning their colors and even if they knew them, most wouldn't be able to quickly report where they saw the color red. J had all the answers. She was the child with every right answer and she knew it. So in answer to every one of their questions, she confidently yelled her replies. Where else would she be able to show this much expertise except under a parachute in a soccer class for two year olds? Definitely, not at school. And not at home with a seven year old sibling.

So she is going to stay in the class. I'm not sure how the other parents are going to like it. She does get a lot of attention. And seriously, why would I care what they think anyway? 


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