Friday, February 4, 2011


E's lovey is "Bear". Here is a picture.

And here's a closer picture. Poor Bear has been mistaken for a dog toy once. He's been through a lot!

E showed me last night... he has holes. What is a mom to do at 9 o'clock at night when a daughter has school in the morning and her Bear is literally falling apart? I told her the following: "I will do my best to fix him. I promise." Not a good plan. I'm already regretting my promise. Bear can't be fixed. He is threadbare. He is 8 years old. He is not going to last forever. I was totally irrational and worried E will never sleep again, thus my promise to make everything right with the world. I could use a little sleep myself, but allow me to panic a bit. 

E is a sensitive child. When Bear leaves this world, there will be tears, sobbing and tears....for days. Maybe months. All I know is I would do anything to prevent this from happening. I've been on Ebay searching for a replacement. My husband has searched the internet far and wide. I even contacted the company that made Bear. We discovered Bear is a one-of-a-kind. Why didn't we think about that before placing the little stuffed Steiff into her crib the day she came home from the hospital? I guess we didn't expect E to adopt Bear so quickly. 

So we have some work ahead of us. After trying to patch Bear this weekend, I'm going to prepare my family for the worst...the loss of our dear Bear who kept E asleep each and every night. And after preparing my family, I'm going to get back on Ebay and contact the Steiff company because there has to be another one out there somewhere. I'm panicking again!

But in the end I think I'm headed to Build-A-Bear to bribe my little girl into sleeping with a new lovey. If it means a good night sleep, I'll buy her whatever she wants and all the accessories to make this a smooth transition. There's not a chance this will work!  


  1. Oh goodness. I hope you can find an adequate replacement. My twins have their stuffed sheeps. Plus their blankies. I hope they don't wear them out anytime soon...

  2. Stopping from Mom Loop! I see Build a Bear in your future too. He looks like he has lead a well loved life.

  3. That just breaks my heart! I think I saw a site once that would take lovelies and fix them. I'll do some research and let you know.

  4. Ok here's one...
    I just googled child stuffed toy repair shop. I can't stand the thought of lovie being put to sleep.

  5. @Alessandra @ Tribal Times

    Alessandra, I have never heard of such a thing. That's incredible! Thanks for the info and thanks for visiting.

  6. Sweet E! I remember when I bought Bear. If I had known how important he would become, I would have gotten two!