Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sick Day Activities

The kids are sick and my husband is on a business trip. This is a total nightmare scenario for me so I thought I'd share some of our activities over these three memorable days. I'm hoping it doesn't extend into four or five days.

1. Took two baths a day at a minimum. Relaxes my little babes and keeps them from fighting...for a short time.

2. Baked cookies and cupcakes for a school Valentine Party later this week. A party we might not make if we don't get well soon.

3. Played UNO at least 100 times.

4. Downloaded three free children's apps on my Ipad then realized that you get what you pay for.

5. E wrote a book and drew some illustrations.

6. Played some of our favorite games: Wildlife Bingo, Cranium Lunch Munch, Candyland, Pop The Pig and Spanish Memory. Some of these games played multiple times.

7. Created a zoo...Book Activity.

8. Listened to E read some Amelia Bedelia books.

9. Listened to E talk and talk and talk. 

10. Read I-Spy books.

11. Helped J give her horses a bath.

12. Let my kids drink a pop...desperation here!

13. Helped E search our online library catalog of books and movies and put many many items on hold. Too bad we can't go pick them up.

14. Played school and Teacher E taught us all about even and odd numbers. 

15. Played with our guinea pig, Snow, and basically let her run wild for hours.

16. Built a fort.

17. Colored and did art projects which everyone thought were boring!

18. Turned out the lights and played Hide And Seek with flashlights. Not boring!

19. Snuggled with these two girls and watched several movies.

Mommy has officially run out of ideas so it's time for us to kick this virus! Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I'm stuck for at least two more days as E had a fever of 103 in the night. Maybe we'll take a field trip to see Dr Eddie. 


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