Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mommy Successes

It's the little things in life!  As I placed a healthy breakfast in front of my kiddos this morning, I felt like I was the best parent in the world.  For some reason, the act of not only putting healthy food on the table, but having them eat every bite, makes me feel like a total success.  Like I said, it's the little things that make my day.

Here is a list of more little things. I feel like a total Mom-success when....

my kids are clean.

I remember to give my girls their vitamins.

game time doesn't end in a sibling smackdown.

Jillian says her tummy is full.

Ella exhibits kindness and empathy for other children.

Jillian hasn't hit Ella with some sort of makeshift sword for a whole day.

the kitchen floor is just washed and no one has spilled anything yet.

the sun comes out and I gather all the children on our street for an improptu trip to the park.

I watch Ella engrossed in a new chapter book.

my husband is out front with all the neighbor children leading them in a game of Red Light Green Light or trying to teach them to play hockey.

Ella finishes her chores.

I can find matching socks for both girls.

I send both kids off to school with hair combed and teeth brushed.

we take a trip to the library and when I ask if the girls want a movie they say, "No. Just books."

we have hot chocolate on a snow day.

we are ontime to any activity.

Jillian tells me she wants to do it herself.

I remember to give my girls hand sanitizer after being at the indoor park or other germy locale.

I am able to pass off something healthy, like a berry smoothie, as dessert.

I sneak into my girls' rooms late at night to place their little limbs back under the covers and they sleep so soundly they have no idea I was ever there.


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