Monday, March 7, 2011

Girl Scout

I have to admit when Ella said she wanted to join Girl Scouts, I was a little hesitant. I encourage extracurricular activities like swimming, soccer and volunteering at the local humane society, but Girl Scouts?  Really?  That means I have to help sell cookies and I didn't want any part of the cookie business.  A friend had her daughter join and the pressure mounted until I gave in.  So here is my little Daisy.


My little entrepreneur loved selling cookies!  She was so meticulous keeping records of the cookies she sold.  She wasn't playing store like she has for years in her playroom.  Making "real" change for "real" customers was a thrill.  And I can't tell you how many times she rearranged her display until it was just right.

So this is how far I've come!  I am our troop's Cookie Product Manager and I actually love the job.  Most importantly, Ella loves that she can help me be in charge of passing out cookies and setting up cookie booths. Who would have thought this would happen?  Cookie hater to Cookie Product Manager.  Crazy!

I have been impressed with the Girl Scout organization thus far. Aside from learning the ropes with a new troop, the organization as a whole seems to be very well managed.  There are so many opportunities for the girls now and as they get older.  I imagine we are going to be involved for years to come. 

One thing I wanted to mention about Girl Scouts is that they are not associated in any way with Boy Scouts.  Not that I have an opinion about the Boy Scout organization, but I do know families who are not "friends" of the Boy Scouts because of political and ideological associations.  The Girl Scouts do not have these same associations so I am happy to be away from the controversy. In fact, Girl Scouts appears to be very flexible with regard to many issues.  

On the other hand, they are inflexible with regard to the safety of the girls. For example, all adults attending ANY event must be background checked through the online system and fully registered with the organization.  Other than this, there is a lot of options with regard to how a troop is managed.  I like flexibility!  Makes my job as Cookie Manager much easier!

Girl Scouts


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