Sunday, March 13, 2011

Little Cousins

Jillian is surrounded by big kids.  Her sister is a big seven year old who gets to attend school every day.  Ella gets to have sleepovers with friends, can rollerblade, and is able to get her own snacks from the pantry and fridge.  The kids in our neighborhood are big kids too.  They run fast in games of tag and ride their bikes effortlessly up and down our street.  Jillian is physically shorter than all of them including a three year old friend next door.  I think it must be tough for her to be the little kid in the hood.

This weekend Jillian had the opportunity to be the "big girl".  We spent the weekend with the girls' cousin, Ailie. 

Ailie is one year old.  She's a sweet little girl and my kids adore her.  Ella spent time reading to Ailie.  Jillian spent the weekend telling Ailie what to do.

"Stop, Ailie."

"No, no, Ailie!  You can't go in there."

"Put your shoes on, Ailie."

"Don't put that in your mouth, Ailie."

Jillian LOVED spending every minute following her cousin around the house making sure she didn't get into trouble.  Afterall, at a little over four years of age, Jillian was the big girl.  She had so much fun helping to feed her cousin and even helped to change a diaper.  I did have to rescue Ailie a few times when Jillian got a little overzealous in her discipline, but they really got along very well.  And I think Ailie enjoyed having Jillian be her shadow.  I may have that wrong, but she didn't complain too much.

I think it's important for any younger sibling to get a chance to play a different role occasionally.  And no, it's not time for me to have another child.  That ship has sailed!  Jillian will just need to get her fix from frequent visits with Ailie.


  1. That was such a fun weekend. Ailie had so much fun with her cousins. I sure wish we lived closer. I look forward to the next time we all get together. Kate you have a wonderful blog! You are an amazing writer.